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Throughout previous years, Puerto Madryn has developed one of the most important expressions of art of the province of Chubut and the region: the "Eisteddfod Mimosa Porth Madryn", which consists of a series of competitions that include multiple artistic disciplines: poetry, soloist and coral singing, dancing, music, recitation, visual arts, crafts, cuisine, translation, where the participants seek to share their art, to overcome and to learn some of others.

In regard to FICFE's artistic offer, coral activity has been growing and developing, thanks to numerous festivals and contests, such as "Madryn Canto", "Choral Spring" and the International Contest of Choirs that is carried out in a bordering city, Trelew.

Likewise, Puerto Madryn relies on the traditions of the Welshmen, who founded the city in 1865, bringing an undeniable cultural wealth to the region. It is necessary to emphasize, also, the wide gastronomic variety, that allows to taste typical products of the region (fish, seafood and Patagonian lamb).

Besides the artistic life, one of the principal attractions of Puerto Madryn is its nearness to the Natural Protected Area El Doradillo and to Península Valdés (declared Natural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1999), where avistaje of whales and of great variety of marine fauna is possible.

The whales arrive from the Antarctic seas to breed in the calm waters of the Golfo Nuevo and on the coast of Península Valdés. The best places to enjoy the sightings are El Doradillo and, in navigation excursions, Puerto Pirámide.

Puerto Madryn has a Patagonian arid weather where the dryness of the air and the sunny days stand out. The city does not have extreme weather like other regions of the province (continental and mountain range). This part of the country has a very specific thermal amplitude, so during the day the sun causes the temperature rise and at dusk it can drop noticeably.

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