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FICFE Composition Contest

Second Edition - 2021

Original Works and Popular Music Arrangements for Female Choir and Children's Choir


It is aimed at composers and arrangers without age limit.


Registration for the contest must be done via email to, the deadline for submission will be Wednesday June 30, 2021, following the steps that are later described on the "Registration Process".


Participants must pay an amount of USD 25 (twenty-five US dollars) for each work submitted. Participants who are music students at an institution will have a 50% discount on the registration. To access this benefit, they must send a regular student certificate (valid at the time of enrollment) from the corresponding institution.

Argentine contestants (or foreigners with permanent residence in Argentina) will have the possibility of paying in pesos the amount equivalent to the value of the official dollar (without taxes) at the time of their registration through bank transfer to an account in Argentine pesos.


The registration amount can be paid via PayPal (enabling the possibility of paying the equivalent value in any international currency), as detailed on the "Registration Process".

Proceso Inscripción
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