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The main objective of FICFE is to promote the work composed for female voices through concerts, conferences, workshops and a Composition Contest, wich happens in alternate years to the Festival.


Specific objectives


  • Expand and strengthen the practice, knowledge and enjoyment of choral music for female voices.

  • Strengthen the processes of socialization, generating spaces for comradery and bonds of solidarity between singers, directors and the general public.

  • Enrich the repertoire for female choir, promoting composition for this type of format.

  • Make visible the presence of women composers throughout history.

  • Improve vocal technique and develop tools for the strengthening and caring of the voice.

  • Extend the invitation to the entire community, to take part in the activities of the Festival; these are not only enrichening for its active participants, but also for society as a whole, favoring the transfer of cultures and experiences.


FICFE is intended for choir conductors (in their various formations), composers, arrangers, singers, music teachers of all levels, students of educational and artistic training and the general public.

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