FICFE's main aim is to promote the work composed for female choral groups through its offering of contests, concerts, conferences and workshops, destined to share experiences, resources and values.


Specific objectives

  • To extend and to strengthen the practice, the knowledge and the enjoyment of choral music for female voices.

  • To enrich the repertoire for female choirs, promoting the composition for this type of groupings.

  • Creation of a scores bank which will feature the works presented in the FICFE's Composition Contest and works forming different repertoires of participating choirs in the festival.

  • Make women composers from different geographical origins visible along history.

  • To strengthen socialization processes, generating spaces of fellowship and the bows of solidarity among choir members, directors and public in general.

  • To extend the invitation to the whole community, for participating in rehearsals, conferences, workshops and concerts, so that the activities of the Festival turn out to be wealth-producing for both active participants and the entire society, favoring the transference of cultures and experiences.

  • To improve vocal skills and to develop tools of strengthening and care of the voice.

FICFE is destined to all choirs and female vocal ensembles, choirmasters (in all their diverse genders and trainings), composers, arrangers, choir members, music teachers from all levels, singers, educational and artistic trainees, and public in general of Latin America and the rest of the world.

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