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|   San José, COSTA RICA   |

The dynamic city of San José, capital of Costa Rica, will host the Third Edition of FICFE.

Located in the heart of the country, San José is a melting pot of history, culture and Central American charm. From its colonial architecture to its vibrant art scene, the city offers a unique experience. Its colorful markets and delicious cuisine reflect Costa Rica's diversity. In addition, its proximity to nature allows you to enjoy green spaces such as La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

San José captivates the senses and the spirit, inviting you to explore and discover at every corner. Its streets are full of music, art and life, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. The city is an ideal destination for culture and history lovers, with fascinating museums and historical monuments that tell the rich and diverse history of Costa Rica.

As host of FICFE, San José promises to offer an unforgettable cultural experience. Visitors will be able to enjoy exciting concerts, educational workshops and encounters with groups from around the world. It will be an opportunity to celebrate music and harmony in a unique and exciting environment.

Welcome to San José, the jewel of Costa Rica!

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