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The call to participate in FICFE is open to all vocal groups and female choirs, choir conductors, composers, singers, music teachers of all levels, music students and the general public in Latin America and the world.

To register for FICFE 2025 it is necessary to make a free and very simple pre-registration.


Anyone can make the pre-registration (because it is free), but those who must do it, to make the registration official, are all the people who wish to participate individually and the conductor(s) (or responsible) of the choirs or vocal ensembles.

You can pre-register by clicking on the following link and filling in the requested information:

In this 3rd Edition of FICFE, the registration fee includes accommodations, meals and tour.

All participants must pay the registration fee.

Conductors of registered choirs will receive a significant discount on their General Registration fee.

After pre-registering, as detailed above, you will be able to proceed to registration. We invite you to learn more about the REGISTRATION PROCESS by clicking here:


Below are 3 options for inscription fees.

The amounts are expressed in U.S. dollars (USD).

General Registration

(includes accommodations + meals + tour)

1.300 USD

Before July 6th, 2024
1.250 USD

(of registered choirs)
1.100 USD

Costa Ricans Basic

(meals and tour not included)

150 USD

Before July 6th, 2024
140 USD

(of registered choirs)

Costa Ricans General

(includes meals + tour)


It is possible to pay the General Registration in a one-time payment or in 2 or 3 installments.

Accompanying persons have an increase in their registration fee.

Costa Rican participants who are music students (accredited) or members of registered choirs at FICFE will have a discount on their registration fee; they will not pay for accommodations.

(All these details can be found in Terms & Conditions and in the Registration Process.)


Fee includes:​

  • Transfers Airport - Hotel - Airport. [Exclusive General Registration.]

  • 6 nights at Hotel Wyndham Garden San José Escazú ⭐⭐⭐⭐[Exclusive General Registration.]

  • 6 breakfasts at the hotel. [Exclusive General Registration.]

  • 4 lunches at the hotel (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). [General Registration and Costa Ricans General.]

  • 4 dinners in different locations, after concerts. [General Registration and Costa Ricans General.]

  • Internal transfers to festival concerts. [Exclusive General Registration.]

  • Tourist tour (to choose among 3 options) that includes: [General Registration and Costa Ricans General.]

              - Transfers (to and from hotel)

              - Lunch

              - Bilingual tour guide

  • Access to Vocalization and Warm-up Session with Maestra Beverlyn Mora Ramirez. [Except companions.]

  • Access to the Conducting Workshops given by Maestras Morna Edmundson, Ana María Raga and Daria Abreu Feraud. [Exclusively for conductors and conducting students.]

  • Access to the Interpretation Workshops given by Maestras Morna Edmundson, Ana María Raga and Daria Abreu Feraud. [Except companions.]

  • Coffee breaks in all workshops. [Except companions.]

  • Access to all concerts.

  • Certificate of participation in the festival. [Except companions.]

  • Certificate of choral participation in the festival. [Exclusive for choirs.]

  • Certificate of participation in workshops. [Except companions.]

  • Booklet with the scores to be worked on in the workshops published by Ediciones GCC. [Except companions.]

  • Welcome Cocktail.

  • Closing Dinner and Party.

  • Bag with festival materials (credentials and schedule of activities, and important general information about the event and tourism brochures). [Except companions.]

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