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The convening for FICFE is open for all choirs and female vocal ensembles, choirmasters (of any genders, regardless of how the choir is composed), composers, choir members, music teachers from all levels, singers, educational and artistic trainees, and public in general of Latin America and the rest of the world.

People willing to participate (individually or together with a choir) are to fill in a free pre-registration form providing the required information. Click on the link below:

Every person who wants to take part will have to pay the following registration fee (conductors of the participating choirs will not pay the registration fee):

  • Argentinian participants (or with permanent residence in Argentina) non resident in Puerto Madryn and nearby area:  

      AR$ 6.000 (six thousand Argentinian pesos) per person

  • Argentinian participants resident in Puerto Madryn and nearby area:

       Contact us:​

  • Foreign participants:

       U$ 130 (one hundred thirty US dollars) per person

The fee includes:​


  • Shuttle service from hotel to the airport and vice versa

  • Opening Cocktail(at Rayentray Hotel)

  • Closure Dinner and Party (at Rayentray Hotel)

  • Access to Vocal Technique and Singing Together Workshops, both taught by Master María Felicia Pérez

  • Access to 1 workshop (Composition or Interpretation) with coffee break

  • Access to 3 conferences

  • Access to all concerts

  • Participation certificate (FICFE)

  • Participation certificate (chosen workshop)

  • Songbook containing the musical scores to work during the workshops edited by Ediciones GCC

  • Folder containing credentials and a detailed list of scheduled activities. Relevant information pertaining FICFE. Additional tourist information about Puerto Madryn City will also be provided.

Registration fee can be paid by bank transfer or bank deposit, after answering the Pre-Registration form, as explained in "Registration Process".


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